Drew Sullivan

Email: drew@ss.org
Phone: 416-222-9821
Address:   80 Pemberton Ave.
Toronto, Ontario,
M2M 1Y3


  • Experienced systems programer and network administrator (25 years).
  • Active Linux developer and supporter.
  • Long history with the Toronto Unix community.
  • President of the Toronto Linux User Group (TLUG)

    Coming from a traditional Unix programmer/administrator background, I have strong problem solving skills and like to be involved in all stages of development:

    Technology Profile

    Networking: Protocols: TCP/IP, Novel, Netbios
    Systems: Unix, Linux, Microsoft, Novel
    Services: DNS, NFS, Samba, Printing, NIS
    Operating Systems:
  • Linux
  • Unix - Solaris, SCO, BSD, SunOS, AIX, HP/UX, Tru64
  • Windows, MS-DOS
  • CP/M
  • Database: SQL using Postgresql, Ingres, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, Informix
    Perl with DBI, DBM. and Berkeley DB
    Languages: Unix/Linux: Perl, C, Awk, Shell, Ruby
    Web/CGI: Perl, PHP, Java
    Microprocessor: Assembler, C
    Mainframe: PL/1, Fortran, Cobol, Assembler
    Graphics: Motif, Tk, Gnome/Gtk
    Internet: HTML, with Dynamic content generated by Perl, PHP, and Java
    Apache web servers connected to multiple types of database back ends.
    Communications: UUCP, FTP, Telnet, SMTP
    Security: SSH, SSL
    Machines: Microcomputers - IBM compatible PCs to Pentium
    Workstations/Servers - Sun, HP-UX, AIX
    Minicomputers - DEC, HP and Wang minicomputers
    Mainframes - IBM 360/370/390, VM,MVS/TSO

    Employment History

    Systems Software.

    Consultant 1975-2004

    Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations

    End-User Support Group. Aug 1986-Aug 1987
  • Training of users in the development of MS-DOS applications in dBase, Lotus, and WordPerfect.
  • Novel Network installation, configuration and management.
  • Editor for the End-User Computing newsletter.

    Emerald City Research Inc.

    Member of the Scientific Staff. Sep 1984-Feb 1985
  • Design of electronic mail and bulletin board facilities.
  • Porting of office automation software to the Macintosh.

    Honeywell Limited

    Associate Software Developer. Jan 1983-Sep 1984
  • Design and implementation of an integrated Software Development Environment.
  • Design and upgrade of a network mail and news system for the GCOS-6 OS.
  • Administration of the development group's machine.


    B.Math. Computer Science, University of Waterloo - 1978-1982
    Data Structures, Programming Languages, Database, OS Design