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Linux Support
by Drew Sullivan

I beleive in the Linux philosophy of a free Operating System. I have supported GNU software for over 10 years.

When Linux first came out I was running SCO unix. My problem was that SCO was running out of steam for use as a news server. I evaluated the performance of SCO and Linux, and Linux came out way in front. My only problem was some legacy application running under SCO unix that I needed to migrate. These were comercial database systems for which I didn't have source.

Thats how I got started with the iBCS2 project for Linux. What iBCS2 gives you is a OS system call emulation of SCO and AT&T unix. The first version was little more than a one-to-one mapping of the system calls. I wrote the first version of the system call trace and ioctl mapping code. Others came along and added bug fixes and better emulation of the system calls that didn't map one-to-one. I co-ordinated most of this early effort.

I have moved on to other projects, but you can still find my name and Copyrights in the IBCS2 source code and the Linux Kernel Credits file.

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